Erika Craft K4
Amelia Jackson K4,
Mekensie Meaux K4,
Candace Urban K5, 
Jenifer McGehee K5,
Wendy Jones 1st,
Tara Roussel 1st,
Jessica Person 2nd, Curriculum Coordinator (Elementary)
Shannon Chauvin 2nd
Vicky Broussard 3rd/4th: Science, Social Studies, Dean of Students
Kristy Henson 3rd/4th
Misty Whipple 3rd/4th:
Kristine Pipes 5th/6th: History, Science
Victoria Odom 5th/6th:English Language Arts
Jamie Elliott 5th/6th: Social Studies
Tracy Montalbano 5th/6th:Math
Joey Evans  Athletic Director, Bible, Leadership, Boy’s P.E.
Terry Farrell K5-6th: Art  
Sheila Catlin Lego Enrichment
Cynthia Babbitt Girl’s P.E.
Borislava Iltcheva Strings Director
Aaron Farrell Strings/Piano
Victoria Castro Foreign Language


Angela Duhe Campus Administrator
Vicky Broussard Dean of Students


Cheryl Morales Office Manager
Robin Blair Admissions Coordinator