Ascension Christian Elementary, formerly Faith Academy, established its education program in 1980, as a Christian alternative in education for Ascension Parish.

It was designed to reflect the love, integrity, and standard of excellence demonstrated by Jesus Christ in His attitude toward children. The program is state approved and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

At Ascension Christian Elementary, where love and learning go hand in hand, we seek to provide a Christ-centered, Biblical perspective to education in the major areas of human development (physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual).

In addition, your child develops lasting friendships in a positive and life-giving environment. Each child receives individual attention, while at the same time learning how to work and play with others. The staff encourages an interactive classroom experience. Teachers praise students and work to build self-confidence as students become more aware of their self-esteem and the world around them.

Our goal is to provide a fun, creative atmosphere that promotes an enjoyable experience for children. Students learn to acknowledge God in all of their actions and thoughts and celebrate each other and the unique qualities of each of their peers. The diversity in our school shines through in all aspects.