Is ACE a state approved school?

Yes. The school is state approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education  As well, Ascension Christian Elementary is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Will ACE have a sports program?

Yes. ACE gives students the opportunity to belong to a sports program. The school plays football, volleyball, basketball. ACE also has a cheer squad. Plans are in place to play baseball and softball in 2013-2014.

Does ACE have an arts program?

Yes. ACE provides students with music classes to study piano and orchestra. The music directors are Dr. Borislava Iltcheva, the Concert Master of the Baton Rouge Symphony, and Mr. Aaron Farrell, Principal Violinist of the Baton Rouge Symphony. Instruments are supplied by the school for a fee. Also, ACE has an Art studio. Students are given art classes where they learn various art themes. Finally, ACE supports students in Theater performance. The theater director is Alicia Morton whose credits include “Annie” in Disney’s television movie of “Annie” starring Kathy Bates (1999).Students begin building their acting and singing skills.

Does ACE have certified teachers?

Yes. As a state approved school ACE must follow specific guidelines when hiring teachers.

Will there be opportunity for students to participate in clubs and extra-curricular activities?

Yes. Students participate in 4-H, BETA, sports, and student council.

Does ACE incorporate technology in the classroom?

Yes. Digital learning is a tool that all teachers incorporate into their lessons to enhance learning. Teachers are equipped with numerous digital resources in each classroom including computers, projectors, Smartboards, Internet and wifi. Students will have access to the use of iPads as well.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed, please call us at 225-644-3110. We will be happy to speak to you about Ascension Christian Elementary.