Ascension Christian Elementary supports the framework of a school culture rather than rules.

Our emphasis is to help your child understand the school culture by modeling the expectation and reminding them as necessary of the behavior that is expected. Your child is our priority, and we make every effort to help them make right choices especially when it comes to classroom procedures, behavior, playing with others, manners, and respect for others and authority. When discipline becomes a problem, the staff will require parental involvement. In rare instances when a child’s behavior is beyond the management abilities of the staff, parents will be asked to take the child home for the day. As a Christian school we put countless hours in connecting with our students by talking to them about Christian values, character, and responsibility. At Ascension Christian Elementary you will find teachers who really care about your child’s spiritual growth, development, and education. The staff and faculty will extend every opportunity to your child to grow and learn in a positive, life-giving environment. Every student is our focus!